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FPG 6/3/22 - PLAYOFF GAME FINALE - Don't Forget the June-ics Edition


One of my friends shared a video of someone trying to sing a song with June a bunch of times and doing their best to finish the song. Add that along with the new revival of Don't Forget the Lyrics hosted by Niecy Nash, and you end up with this week's title. It's the 2021-2022 finale, and we've got a great final 4 ready to do battle. Will it be an FPG host, will it be a former champ? Will it be a high-scoring affair, or a bloodbath? All these questions and more will be answered on Friday. This looks like a spoiler free game and that's just how we like it. Good luck everyone and may the best player win.


SPOILERS: Don't think we've got any upcoming, but you always have the spoiler thread if you want to double-check.

5/30/2022 (Monday - 9871K) Penny/Math/Dice/Race/Money/Cliff
5/31/2022 (Tuesday - 9872K) S?/Bee/Spree/Squeeze/Grocery/Card
6/1/2022 (Wednesday - 9873K) Cover/Side/Punch/CO/TTM/1RP
6/2/2022 (Thursday - 9874K) 1WP/Freeze/Key/Bag/Bargain/L7
6/3/2022 (Friday - 9875K) It's not about how well you sing, but how well you know the songs.

The Final 4:



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