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FPG 6/3/22 - RESULTS
« on: June 06, 2022, 10:43:58 PM »
I was trying to figure out how I wanted to reveal these results, and I think the best way to do it is by going game by game and looking at who picked what game:

Push Over: Kev347 2/4

I mean, the 1Ps were a crapshoot this week. Push Over wasn't really due, but it was certainly an option.

Hi Lo (for a CAR): OneBidTris 2/6

Fun fact, everyone picked Tags and Tags/HL are a 0 in the past 5 seasons. Bullseye and Hi-Lo were both about due, along with perhaps Time, and any of them could've shown up. I don't think anyone was expecting a NCFAC to be played, but that's FPG for you.

Swap Meet: OneBidTris 2/4

Swap Meet was the most due of the 4Ps, and even though Danger was just as viable, we needed to get a Swap playing in.

Balance Game: Kev347 2/8 tpir04 1/3

Man, we cannot pin a game down. Whether it's results or slotting, everyone's missed the mark. Balance was, along with PaN, the most due of the 1Ps and guess this one just needed the play sooner.

Any Number: OneBidTris 2/12 Kev347 2/10 tpir04 1/6 Punchy 2/6

There we go, finally a game everyone picked. It wasn't 4th like 3 of us thought, and it also wasn't 6th like Kev thought. At least most of us knew that it would be a loss.

Plinko: SANDBAG.

This was very surprising. I know Plinko is Plinko, but Tags and Roo were both more due than that and this would not have been my casher of choice.

If you guys have been following along, it's fairly easy to tell who our 3rd place and 4th place finishers are, but first and second was much closer. In fact, the scores were tied at 6/22 a piece. That means we have to go down to a tiebreaker, and since Kev got all 3 games correctly predicted in the right half, that means he is your 2021-2022 FPG champion.

Well done everyone, it was an interesting race to the finish and I'd like to thank you all for joining me on this long ride. I admit it was spotty and that's partially due to a lot of outside circumstances that would fill a whole different post, but it truly means a lot to have the support of you players. Whether you played one game or every game this season, it helps keeps the game going and I hope you all had as much fun as I had with it this year. It gave me something to look forward to and even though the schedule was basically silence for more than half the season, things worked out and we had a complete season of games.

We are going to try to hold a scrimmage on Friday and beyond that, maybe something for that 50th anniversary show in a couple months. Other than that, have a great summer if I don't see you Friday and happy pricing y'all.

And the scrimmage results will also be below:
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Re: FPG 6/3/22 - RESULTS
« Reply #1 on: June 06, 2022, 10:52:29 PM »
Our scrimmage picks:


1. 5 PRICE TAGS - L 6
2. FLIP FLOP - W 5

This would've been good for 4/8.


1. Pick a Number W (4)
2. 5 Price Tags L (6)
3. Double Cross W (1)
4. Balance Game W (2)
5. Any Number L (5)
6. Hi-Lo L (3)

This would've been a winning lineup with 8/30. Also, nailing a game when no one else could.


1. Safe Crackers (L) (3)
2. Push Over (W) (4)
3. Five Price Tags (L) (1)
4. Double Prices (L) (6)
5. Any Number (L) (5)
6. Hi Lo (W) (2)

Also would've been a winning lineup with 7/30 along with nailing Any like Wayo did.

Yeah, it just goes to show how every week is different and sometimes things click and other times they don't.

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Re: FPG 6/3/22 - RESULTS
« Reply #2 on: June 06, 2022, 10:57:44 PM »
Everyone picked pretty much the same lineup with 5PT/A#, including all the shiggles players. Instead they went Plinko, the one casher that can show up anytime but it's been awhile since it's done that. The real silly surprise was 3 MPs (!!) this week, throwing all of us but Tris off on Swap, and nearly won him the title. The rest was pretty predictable besides the non-car, but that was enough to make this a low-scoring finals.
S5x... the show's stabilized into something decent now, I guess...