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FPG Scrimmage 6/10/22 - Running Up Them Bills Edition


Had to get one more topical reference out before we take a nice long break from this game. It's believed to be the last full week of the season, so this will be your final chance to play before Summer break. So get those picks out there and let's have some fun.


SPOILERS: There's one potentially in play, depending on if it shows up Thursday. Will let you know if it shows.

6/6/2022 (Monday - 9881K) PaN/Rent/L7/S?/X/Cover
6/7/2022 (Tuesday - 9882K) Tags/Range/Math/Time/Line/Squeeze
6/8/2022 (Wednesday - 9883K) ME/Roo/Safe/Gas/Side/Bull
6/9/2022 (Thursday - 9884K) Money/1RP/Half/PaP/CoG/MoL
6/10/2022 (Friday - 9885K) Watch that wallet.

Spoiler is still potentially in play, you have been warned.


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