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FPG 6/10/22 - RESULTS


This was an interesting affair where we had 2 games sandbag and somebody pick the remaining four games that showed up. However, that was not enough to win the game thanks to confidence points. I thought about correcting points for spoilers, but 1) we don't know what day this taped, 2) DP is common enough that it could reasonably show up again, 3) Bonus wasn't even picked, and 4) it did not affect our top 3 standings.

Congrats to 22FJB for winning this playing, Wayo for taking the most cash, and to everyone for partaking in this game. Look out for other results soon and have a great summer! 

The minus on numbers' player name made me chuckle.


--- Quote from: Wayoshi on June 12, 2022, 04:48:41 AM ---The minus on numbers' player name made me chuckle.

--- End quote ---

Actually, they are all that way, given that () can also be used for negative.  Now, as to why that one is different... maybe since it is the only one that is all numbers?


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