Author Topic: CSS Results for 06/10/2022 (Game 181) (PLAYOFFS 15) & CSS18 FINAL PLAYOFF BOARD  (Read 1567 times)

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A Key West that hadn't shown up since last year jumped astronomically in price (aka, the usual). Two DSWs on this still thanks to the obvious car options.

Another SC that looked like nothing ended up 25k, which was a real storyline this playoffs - no Fireballs to be found at all. One DSW & WSD here nonetheless as well.

Pretty uneventful finale as far as the final playoff standings, although I hyped it up the best I could. :P This was a clean run for me and most of these SCs were just too hard to DSW for anyone to make it close at the end, you can feel the Season 50 budget affecting this playoff run.

I will definitely host through Tuesday as I said before. Tuesday should be clear and will be a double values season finale. Monday might go by the wayside, depending.
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S5x... the show's stabilized into something decent now, I guess...