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TPiR Recap - 6/17/2022

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Damn. I did not know this was a new episode.

I probably shouldíve thought more of that $3.30 Pocket Change win, then. The maximum price of the car is $2.75, I believe, so it was literally impossible for her to lose  with the cards that she picked.

My DVR didnít record this since it didnít know there was a new episode today so Iíll have to watch it later online.

Roadgeek Adam:
Having computer problems tonight

Roadgeek Adam:
Finally up. Computer shut off twice.


--- Quote from: Roadgeek Adam on June 17, 2022, 11:05:14 PM ---Finally up. Computer shut off twice.

--- End quote ---
Shut off by itself? Check your CPU's fan - sounds like the CPU is overheating.


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