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October 16, 1972 (Most Expensive debut)
« on: July 04, 2022, 11:33:07 AM »
I'm going to take a hack at this. I didn't see a recap for this one in this forum, so I've decided to do it. This is my first one, so let me know what you guys think about this.

Johnny: A fortune in cash and prizes may go to these people today if they know when the Price is Right!

Names called: Charleen Abrams, Dot Cahoon, Joanie Chamberlain, Marilyn Gaudio

ITEM 1: Zenith Pesaro stereo (solid state amplifier, AM/FM stereo radio, stereo precision record changer)

DOT: $400
JOANIE: $425*

ARP: $450

Joanie's nervous, and for good reason: She has a chance to win either the dreaded piggy bank, a range (General Electric, automatic self-cleaning oven, surface unit reflective pan), or a Volkswagen Super Beetle ("modern" safety features, larger rear window, AC, AM/FM radio) playing ANY NUMBER. Joanie would love the car because the one she already has wasn't working very well.

Joanie starts with 4.
CAR: $_ _ 4 _

Her next choice is 2.
CAR: $2 _ 4 _

She's doing very good so far, and her next pick is 6.
CAR: $2 6 4 _

She might have a perfect game, will she do it with a 5?
PIGGY BANK: $5. _ _

No, she can't go perfect, but will she get the car with a 0?
RANGE: $_ _ 0

She'll go with 9, and the audience approves. Did she make the right choice?
PIGGY BANK: $5. 9 _

Now she wants an 8. Can she get an 8?
RANGE: $_ 8 0

She's not happy now, and she now wants a 7.

A great start for Joanie turns into her winning $5.97 in cash. There's still a chance she could be in the Showcase, so we'll wait and find out.

The next name called down is Lina Palmer.

ITEM 2: Maytag dishwasher (multiple cycles, convertible, giant capacity, portable)

LINA: $350
MARILYN: $351*
DOT: $300

ARP: $360

Marilyn won with the one-up bid, and she'll get to play BONUS GAME for a Barnett Butterfly sailboat (12 feet long, light enough for one person, big enough for family, fast enough for competition) worth $707.

The first item is a set of DuPont Teflon II cookware (no stick, easy clean), with the wrong price of $35. Marilyn says higher, and she is right, with a price of $45.

The next item is a Sears blender (stainless steel cutting blade, a speed for every need) with the wrong price of $34. She says higher, despite the audience saying lower. The audience is right, as the price was $25, so Marilyn was wrong.

The next item is a Bissell sweeper (electric SweepMaster) with the wrong price of $40. Marilyn goes with higher again, this time in a questioning kind of expression, and she is wrong again, with a price of $33.

The last item is a collection of Samsonite luggage (stain and scuff resistant) with a wrong price of $20. She says higher again, and she is right, with a price of $30.

Marilyn rushes Bob, and he tells Marilyn that all he has to say is "Light up the board!", but Marilyn wants to say it, so Bob lets her. However, the Bonus was in the one with the sweeper, so Marilyn is not a sailor.

The last name called on down is Tom De Carlo.

ITEM 3: Herschede grandmother clock (light walnut finish, chimes every 15 minutes, strikes the hour)

TOM: $300*
DOT: $350
LINA: $359

ARP: $300

Although Tom doesn't win any bonus for being on the nose, he is the first ever player of MOST EXPENSIVE. He's playing for a sewing machine (White Consolidated, zigzag), a fridge/freezer (Gibson, picture frame doors, Gibson frost clear system), and a catamaran (Catyak, twin polyethylene, trampoline deck).

Tom gets to look at the 3 prizes and tell Bob which one is the most expensive item, as the name of the game is called. They'll look at the other two before revealing his selection's price. If his choice is more expensive than the other two prizes, he wins all 3 prizes.

Tom looks and chooses 3, the catamaran. The sewing machine is $429. The fridge/freezer is $514. His choice must be higher than $514 to win, but it's the least expensive, at $395, so he goes away with just the clock.

The top winner is Joanie, who won $5.97 on ANY NUMBER. The runner up is Marilyn, who won the dishwasher, cookware, and luggage.

SHOWCASE 1 starts with a hand vacuum (Eureka, portable, wired). You could use the vacuum to keep a new 1973 Chevy Nova (exterior decor, white stripe tires) clean. While you clean it, you can rock out in a car stereo (Audiovox, tape player). You can keep its new look with an assortment of Turtle Wax car care products (beautifies and protects car). And that's the showcase.

Joanie decides to bid on SHOWCASE 1. She bids $2,800.

SHOWCASE 2 starts with Diet Shasta soda (sugar-free, 13 flavors, 1 calorie per can, 200 cans) and onion-flavored Heat n' Dip. You can serve these snacks in a new game room (GA Enterprises soda fountain, walnut front, stainless steel, billiard table from Spiegel catalog, Chicago Dynamic Industries pinball machine). When you're not in the game room, you can see your favorite shows on a TV/stereo combination (Teledyne, 25-inch TV screen, 4-channel sound system, full stereo). That's the showcase, which will be wonderful for the family.

Marilyn bids $2,100.

Marilyn's ARP is $3,036, a difference of $936.
Joanie's ARP is $3,063, a difference of $263, and she wins her showcase. She does get the car she needed.

Joanie's total winnings are $3,519!
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Re: October 16, 1972 (Most Expensive debut)
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Actually there was a recap:,32921.0.html

And a piece of advice, if you do a recap be sure you search the forum to make sure one hasn't already been done. That has helped me a lot in my submissions
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