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Armed Forces Special - May 27, 1991 (#8061D)

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Finally, I've been waiting a long time to watch this episode!

It's a bit weird to hear the current tenor buzzer in season 19, which debuted earlier that month (possibly by May 8's episode? A clip was posted a couple years back here and it had the current buzzer). That 3 Strikes + playing was painful to watch. Seeing him lose the Corvette like that was painful. As for Ten Chances, the less said about that playing, the better.

Bob not doing the "pet population" spiel during his signoff. I take it they were pressed for time.


--- Quote from: mellongraig on July 11, 2022, 09:23:06 PM ---One of the things I did notice on this episode, going back to Grocery Game was when she chose the fried onions and wanted 2 (with each being $1), it showed $2.90 on the cash register and $22 total. It did not affect the outcome of the game since she would have been over anyway. Speaking of the foghorn was used for the loss - not permanent yet, as they alternated between that and the regular buzzer for loss during this time period like many other games.

--- End quote ---

I also noticed that after the 409 cleaner purchase was added to Tammy's total, the register read $17.32, when it should have read $17.33 ($2.19*6=$13.14; $13.14+$4.19=$17.33), shorting her a cent.

Also, when I saw Tammy's total was at $19.10 (actually $19.11), I realized that if she bought three Chuckles instead of two, she would have arrived at exactly $20.00 with that purchase, but the register would have displayed $19.99. I wonder if, at that point, would Roger or someone have spoken up and said that her actual total was $20.00 and she would have won?


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