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Buzzr schedule changes Aug. 1

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Buzzr is changing its weekday lineups (at least weekdays---I'll know more as the on-screen schedule on cable goes two weeks in advance) starting August 1. Gone in the morning are Concentration, Now You See It and The Newlywed Game; returning are Body Language, Blockbusters and Match Game-Hollywood Squares Hour. Afternoons are the same it appears. Once the schedule show evening and late night, I'll report back.

Where exactly did Buzzr say this? They've said nothing on their social media.

I have Xfinity cable and their on-screen schedule goes two weeks out. Buzzr is on Xfinity here; it's a subchannel of our Fox affiliate. There is also a promo for the changes on YouTube.

Sucks about Concentration. At least they're bringing back Blockbusters and Body Language.

If the promo on YouTube is indicative, we'll also see Let's Make a Deal return (the Deal-a-Thon is tonight and will be replayed Saturday) as well as the syndicated nighttime Tattletales.


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