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With taping for the new season starting yesterday, I thought it might be a good idea to have a thread to discuss all the tidbits of information and speculation in the lead up to the season 51 premiere.

Yesterday the TPIR instagram reposted a story from one the producers which appears to show some of the set for the new season - pretty much exactly the same as last season.  The shape of the TPIR logo itself looks slightly different though compared to season 49.

When they get to be about 51, a lot of folks in Hollywood have the skin around the edge of their face stretched back like that.

With the dollar sign now overlapping the red section of the logo by just a bit, I do wonder what they're going to put on the big doors, since as it stood with the old logo, the doors split open right between the orange and red sections.

The poor logo forgot its Gas-X this season.

I think I'd like to see more than just one low res photo before I judge any set or logo updates. That said, I'm slightly disappointed we don't get the full audience back just yet but if they feel the need to keep using the audience pods just to be on the safe side, so be it. Better than nothing.


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