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Cullen's Price is right taken off buzzer


Game Girl:
(this is a few days old, and I do not know which category as this is dealing with the current scheduling, but for old episodes) When I was looking to schedule a recording, I noticed Price is right 10.30am-12.30pm slot has been replaced with tattletale and 2 classic concentrations. I wanna hear everyone's comment on this. I found it to be nice morning viewing, (particularly for a Saturday morning's now 'el' programming). if it is somewhere else on the schedule you can tell me.

Game Girl:
I was going to wait for it to get reaired (there cannot be unlimited episodes of the show). but they as of this weekend have taken the old (Cullen's) the price is right off their schedule, removing that idea. what I am looking for is a particular flower jewel bracelet that was aired on one of the episode, it would have aired in June last year (2021), The sponsor was Speidel (The watch band company) earlier in that show they had a Surrey With the Fringe On Top. (The traditional one, not the electronic one they sometimes use). it was aired near a graduation deal episode (meaning if it was in an order, likely originally aired near June or July). it is not like I could afford something like that (or anything on that night version of the show) , but i just wanna see it again since it was so pretty and classy for a flower bracelet. and to be clear, I am completely fine with Neo posting (I might be spelling it wrong) (I know some are not, definitely with certain subjects, but I am here), if you got the answers a year from now or longer, I am still fine. (I was going to put it in the Cullen's folder but this is technically not a recap, i put it here, if you think it's in the wrong area admins just move it, I do not want any conflict.)

Threads MERGED by Steve.  There is absolutely no reason for this to be two separate discussions.

Game Girl:
I put them separate as i saw bracelet one as a 'identify a Episode' request and the cancellation one, a discuss a time slot one. but I understand they could definitely be merged together since the Cullen stuff is a minority on here anyway and respect your decision.

Game Girl:
I found a manual.
if anyone was the buyer of this, maybe help me figure out the question above or even we can talk about here which prize you remember the best and some of the more unusual ones. am I the only one on here to watch the saturday show.

Okay, this is getting a little weird.

Not creepy, mind you.  Just weird.

I'm not giving one random site member their own thread that they make their own rules about.



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