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Wheel of Fortune Season 40 (and Celebrity S3) Discussion Thread

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Interesting PERSON/ THING/ WHAT ARE YOU DOING is used a second time.

Unfortunately WHAT ARE YOU DOING just hit double digits in the loss column for Bonus Land Season 40, which is next to PHRASE.   I thought this puzzle wasn't that bad, but last night's one worder WHAT ARE YOU DOING was harder.

One word: Kaden Ross.

And I thought Kaden was crazy, but he was nice enough to let Pat speak. Ross, on the other hand, just wanted that Mystery Wedge and that Trip Puzzle now. That might be part of the reason we had a fifth round, too.

If he ever thinks about it, I can't wait for Ross to Come On Down to Contestant's Row.  :P

There was one bad thing that happened to Ross in the main game...forfeiting that Wild Card to the Bankrupt in Round 4.   OUCH!!!!

Oh I had a feeling he would have needed it in Bonus Land.   OY.

Season 40 Bonus Land:   54/120 so far with 75 episodes to go.

Categories with the most losses in season 40 Bonus Land:

PHRASE- 23 losses
THING- 7 losses
FOOD AND DRINK- 6 losses

We finally get a PERSON puzzle this week but I was floored on how tough that puzzle was.   I thought it was FASHION MODEL.


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