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Wheel of Fortune Season 40 (and Celebrity S3) Discussion Thread

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I have to applaud tonight's three players.   They racked up a lot of money in the maingame.

Bonus Land 60/135.

I think PERSON is in third place with the losses: 8 total.  It just surpassed THING with 7 losses.   I'm surprised PERSON is getting more THING like in Bonus Land in season 40.

And THING is NOT a choice on episode 135 for the first time in the civilian version.

I didn't think it would happen in the same season, but we have another clean sweep! If we're not missing anything, this is the first time since Season 26 that we've had two clean sweeps in one season.

Coincidentally, the winner does some pro-wrestling, and the show has a WWE week coming up.  :oldlol:

So yesterday was a blue sweep, and today was a good day everywhere except blue. Ouch.

Still, second place was $28,950, which is pretty good!

As for the Bonus Round...someone knew the answer to the puzzle before picking their letters. :-D (I knew it as well.)

Another team week for Wheel of Fortune this week: WWE superstars and superfans.   

Interesting that this week only the top three teams get to play in the Friday Finals.

As for Bonus Land...Connie, you didn't pick a good choice with the category.   Even though I did solve it, the difficulty of the puzzle was about a 7 out of 10 on the tough meter.   That puzzle had THREE wasted letter picks...and TWO of them were chosen.   If anybody picks at least TWO wasted letter picks in a WHAT ARE YOU DOING Bonus Puzzle, the odds of that puzzle being won are against you.


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