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Here's to Another 50 Years, Starting in Season 51

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Roadgeek Adam:
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Well, Season 51 is upon us. I of course am sticking around. This will be my 9th full-time season (41, 42, 43, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51) recapping since September 4, 2012, when I did the 40th Anniversary Daytime Special. In that time I've attained 4 degrees and live alone in Upstate New York. But my love for the show hasn't gone away. If not for Price, I wouldn't be watching any non-sports television. Show is an addiction, I swear. As you can see, new header with a new darker television screen, hopefully more readable over the years prior. We do strive to keep modernizing parts of the recap, not all of them. Obviously I'm still doing my crazy, money making day job, but like Season 50, Mondays will be done live unless there's a reason that I could not be there.

The season premiere is September 19 and I get to be the one who gets to do a production number change. I'm so excited for that day, even if its a bit meaningless. See ya then.

- Adam

As always, thanks for your dedication and great work. It is very appreciated.

We appreciate all of your hard work to the recaps. You do an amazing job at it.

Truly a labor of love!  It is ever so greatly appreciated!

Looking forward to another great year with you at the helm, thanks for everything


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