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Recap for January 19, 1977 (2213D)
« on: September 21, 2022, 07:23:35 PM »
Here it comes! The first big hour-long game show in television. The fabulous 60-minute Price is Right!

Melissa, Margaret, Carol Lanis and Carol R, come on down! You are the first four contestants on The Price is Right!

ITEM UP FOR BIDS: (Hello there, Holly Halstrom!)
Bookcase and a supply of Orville Redenbacher Gourmet Popcorn for the winner

Margaret- 499
Carol L- 425
Carol R- 535
Melissa- 525

The Actual Retail Price is $906

Carol R will play HI-LO for a chance to win the David Orgell, Inc Crystal Table Lalique Service worth $3,508!
The Items she will be playing with are:

ITEM 1: Baskin Robbins Ice Cream
ITEM 2: Pine Sol
ITEM 3: Desitin Skin Care Lotion
ITEM 4: Hills Bros. Bavarian Mint Coffee
ITEM 5: Swanson Hungry Man Dinner
ITEM 6: Wash 'n Dri Moist Disposible Towelettes

What are the three highest priced items?
Carol R says Item 1 which is $1.65.
Carol R next picks Item 2 which is $0.84- that one worries me.
Carol R then picks Item 3 which is $2.29

That $0.84 may have sealed Carol's fate. Let's see
We check Item 5 and right away that's $0.99- LOSS!
Item 4 was $1.49
Item 6 was $0.79


Johnny Olson, can you find us another contestant, please?

Dorothy, come on down! And from some time wasting chatter, we find out that she's from Flint, Michigan and has been on LA for a few days. Bob remarks that she came on down like she knew what she was doing and Dorothy been watching him for years :rollold: Oh boy, can we please get on with the Item?

Amana Trash Compactor

Dorothy- 300
Margaret- 325
Carol L- 475
Melissa- 425

BUZZ! BUZZ! BUZZ! OVERBID! Go lower than $300

Dorothy- 289
Margaret- 299
Carol L- 280
Melissa- 200

ARP: $280

Carol L has a chance to win a Schick Hot Lather Machine, a Helo Sauna and (Holly almost falls as the stage moves) a 1977 Chevrolet Chevette. Did I say Carol has one chance? How about TEN CHANCES?

Lather Machine: 8, 1, 2- Which two numbers are in the price?
CHANCE 1: $12- NO
CHANCE 2: $28- NO

Sauna: 7, 8, 2, 0- Which three numbers are in the price?
CHANCE 4: $287- NO
CHANCE 5: $782- NO
CHANCE 6: $780- NO
CHANCE 7: $270- NO
CHANCE 8: $208- NO :shocked:

Car: 5, 6, 0, 3, 8- Which four numbers are in the price of the car?

The Car was $3,856.


All right, Johnny, we want to know the name of our next participant!

Karen, come on down!


Karen- 800
Dorothy- 650
Margaret- 1
Melissa- 725

ARP: $399

Margaret will play ONE RIGHT PRICE for a twin cabinet Console and a Loveseat
The One Right Price today is $1,095
Does it go with the console or the love seat? Margaret says the Console
Is she a winner? NO- $1,492!

The Love Seat was $1,095. And Bob gives Margaret permission to strike whoever told her wrong LOL!


Margaret ($399)- Spins the wheel and gets $0.80
Carol R ($906)- Spins the wheel and gets $1.00! $1,000!
Carol L ($1,171)- Spins the wheel and gets $0.25. Spins again and gets $0.70- $0.95

Carol R is going to the Showcase


All right, we have more pricing games to play and we need another contestant to play, Johnny!

Walter, come on down! Oh Goody, more time killing banter- we learn Walter is an electrical contractor from the Lion's Club that lives in LA. And yes Walter watches The Price is Right- the nighttime version so he should have an idea on how to play. Moving on........

Camp Trails Camping Equipment and a supply of Throat Aids for the winner

Walter- 250
Karen- 260
Dorothy- 265
Melissa- 200

ARP: $494

Dorothy never dreamed that she would actually be on stage to win a nice price. Bob has a nice prize for her- a 1977 Chevrolet Vega Coupe. She will be playing MONEY GAME.

76  91  82
40  24  03
17  30  46

PICK 1: 46- $- $46
PICK 2: 40- FRONT OF THE CAR! $40--
PICK 3: 76- $- $122
PICK 4: 82- $- $204

This next choice will seal Dorothy's fate- will she get cash or a car?
FATAL CHOICE: 91- $- $295!

The Car was $4,030


Johnny, do you have something to tell us?

Ronald, come on down!

Two Rocking Chairs from The Brumby Rocker plus some Nescafe Coffee for the winner

Ronald- 350
Walter- 475
Karen- 420
Melissa- 700

BUZZ! BUZZ! BUZZ! OVERBID! Go lower than $350.

Ronald- 299
Walter- 320
Karen- 300
Melissa- 270

ARP: $316

Karen will play DANGER PRICE to win:

(1) Season Tickets to the Los Angeles Lakers
(2) Season Tickets to the Los Angeles Kings
(3) Season Tickets to the Los Angeles Dodgers
(4) Season Tickets to the Los Angeles Rams

The Danger Price is $200.
Which one is not the Danger Price?

Karen says Prize 3- $690
Karen next picks Prize 4- $200- LOSS!!
Prize 1 was $735
Prize 2 was $581


Johnny, would you fetch me another contestant please?

Mary, come on down!

Riccar Sewing Machine

Mary- 298
Ronald- 325
Walter- 330
Melissa- 310

ARP: $490

Walter will play GIVE OR KEEP for a chance to win an assortment of appliances from Western Auto- a range, a dishwasher, a refrigerator/freezer and a washer/dryer- for a total of $2,255!

PRIZES 1: Washington Forge Tableware and a Trav-L-Bar Portable Bar
Walter Keeps the Tableware and Gives the Portable Bar which is $40.
PRIZES 2: Wearever Cookie Gun and The Washing Machine Caddy
Walter Keeps the Caddy and Gives the Cookie Gun which is $25. The Give Total is $65.
PRIZES 3: Sunbeam Iron and Popular Library Paperback Books
Walter Keeps the Iron and Gives the Books which are $25. The Give Total is now $90.

Let's see if Walter kept more than he Gave.
The Tableware is $42.
The Caddy is $30. Walter's Keep Total is $72.
The Iron is $30. Walter's Keep Total is $102- WINNER!!!


Karen ($316)- Spins the Wheel and gets $0.65.
Dorothy ($789)- Spins the Wheel and gets $0.40. Spins again and gets $0.15- $0.55
Walter ($2,847)- Spins the Wheel and gets $0.25. Spins again and gets $0.70- $0.95

Walter is going to the Showcase



Highland House of Hickory Living Room Set
Cambridge Carpet Carpeting
Filter Queen Vacuum Cleaner
Zenith Stereo Console
Zenith 25-inch Avante Color TV

Walter passes to Carol who bids $7,800.

$25 worth of York Peppermint Patties
Homecrest Outdoor Furniture
Arkla Embermatic Grill
Muskin Swimming Pool
Barnacle Bill Skiboat
Mercury Marine Boat Motor
American Trailer Boat Trailer

Walter bids $3,500 on his Showcase.
The Actual Retail Price is $7,570.
A difference of $4,070.

Carol bid $7,800 on her Showcase.
The Actual Retail Price is $4,089- OVER!!!

GRAND TOTAL: $10,417!!!