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Retro Pricing Game Idea: "Price Invaders"
« on: January 31, 2023, 05:24:45 PM »
I call this "retro" because I imagine this game debuting sometime in the early 80s at the height of the old-school arcade and video gaming era. The game would have a "arcade" motif with fake pixel graphics and computerized sound effects. The planet is under invasion from "Price Invaders" and it's your job to charge the lasers and destroy the price invaders to save the planet. In return for your heroic deeds, you will win a large prize (bedroom, piano, etc.).

The game uses 5 grocery products (or it could be small prizes). After the prizes are described, an "intelligence scan" reveals the shield strength of 3 Price Invaders in order. The "shield strength" is something that resembles either a grocery price or small item price. The player then needs to choose 3 items to fire back at the invaders in order. As long as the price of the item exceeds the shield strength, the invader is destroyed. So you want to pick items that are just above the price of each invaders' shield, but not *too* much so.

- Certs ($0.45)
- Peppers ($1.49)
- Rice ($0.89)
- Detergent ($3.75)
- Mouthwash ($2.29)

The "Intelligence Scan" reveals the shields of the invaders: $1.75, $3.25, and $1.25. The player must load the first laser with a product over $1.75, the second with a product over $3.25, and last with a product over $1.25. If the player chooses the mouthwash, detergent, and peppers in order, each laser will destroy the right invader ("pew-pew-BOOM"). The contestant has saved the planet and wins the game.

OTOH: of course the detergent *could* destroy the $1.75 invader too, but with nothing strong enough left to fire back at the $3.25 invader, the invaders take over and the contestant loses.

In other words: Similar to Hi-Lo, but with one fewer item, and the order of items selected *does* matter.

Hypothetically, we could assume that this game has also been retired, whether it be the "video game" motif being outdated, or possibly a low win rate with inflation.
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