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Celebrity Jeopardy! - Fall 2022

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Great show tonight. Congrats to Simu Liu on his come-from-behind victory.

I thought the show was a little drawn-out, but the ending more than made up for it. And I thought it was very cool to hear (category) for $900" after all of these years! :-)

I enjoyed it, the celebs all seemed genuinely happy to be there and having a good time with each other. What a finish with Simu getting the upset over Andy, Simu was in total shock.

On the October 2nd episode: Again, I thought the show dragged at times (Did we have to have commentary after practically every successful or unsuccessful ring-in?), but I was entertained quite a bit by Reggie. And he's very good with German and French accents.

Congratulations to Iliza.

On the October 9th episode: As a former regular Jeopardy! watcher, it was quite refreshing to see every category played in the traditional (and yes, not "optimal") way: from top to bottom. And I was impressed by Constance Wu's comeback attempt in Triple Jeopardy!. She made it a game.

Congratulations to Ike Barinholtz. First semifinal game next week.

Tonight's show was a vast improvement from last week's show, and what a comeback for Constance Wu with that true Daily Double in Triple Jeopardy! though the mentioned misspelling from the Inside Jeopardy podcast a few weeks ago cost her a spot in the semi-finals to Ike Barinholtz who was also on fire tonight.


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