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Celebrity Jeopardy! - Fall 2022

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--- Quote from: jude_este on October 09, 2022, 09:09:05 PM ---Tonight's show was a vast improvement from last week's show, and what a comeback for Constance Wu with that true Daily Double in Triple Jeopardy! though the mentioned misspelling from the Inside Jeopardy podcast a few weeks ago cost her a spot in the semi-finals to Ike Barinholtz who was also on fire tonight.

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Two true and successful Daily Doubles in that round for Constance Wu. And I definitely agree with you on tonight's show and on Ike's performance.

Congratulations to Ike Barinholtz on advancing to the Finals. Though not quite a runaway game, impressive performance. And I agree, pretty entertaining episode.

I agree; quite the exciting Triple Jeopardy! round tonight. Major comeback for Matt Rogers. Most of the clues were "so" easy though, at least in my opinion. I question the Final J! wagering of all three contestants though.

Congratulations to now semifinalist John Michael Higgins.


Hasan was SO irritating tonight!

Congratulations to Wil Wheaton on his runaway win regardless.

My takeaways from these shows so far:

-I said before that, with the right batch of celebrities, this can be a very enjoyable show. They got the right batch of celebrities.

-The format certainly works for a one-hour show. At first I was hesitant when they revealed they went back to the old dollar values, but it works for the easier material for these shows and the one-hour format with Triple Jeopardy.

-I really enjoy all of the cameos from former Jeopardy! champions presenting a category every show. Nice callback to the show's history.

-The more I see of the two, the more I am convinced Ken should be the sole host of the show, and Mayim should be nowhere near it. She still seems like she's reading off a teleprompter and comes off robotic at times, while Ken's hosting seems more natural, and overall he does a far better job keeping the game moving.

-I still can't get used to hearing a name other than "Alex Trebek" after Johnny says "Here is the host of Jeopardy!"


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