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Which Pricing Games Have Your Favorite Theming?

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From a theming point of view, the two pricing games with my favorite theming are Grand Game and Danger Price.

In the case of Grand Game, I love that a game played for cash has a massive green set. What could be more fitting than that?

In the case of Danger Price, having a red set with the prices hidden behind stop sign shapes is obviously very fitting. But what I really love is that when the prices are revealed the danger price is revealed on a red background while the safe prices are revealed upon green backgrounds.

Bullseye might be a simple grocery item game, but those colors are awesome. I even like how the green arrow is aiming for the bullseye itself.

I like Card Game, and for the current version, the white/red/black mix is perfect.

Check Game's wooden set is another one that I would consider perfect.

If were talking current games, I like Master Key. Not only do we get the giant locks center stage, the SP podiums carry the lock theme as well.

For retired games, I liked the giant ATM from Credit Card, with its sleek design and many lights and buttons. Wonder if its still intact somewhere?

Although I do miss the traditional Clock Game set, I actually find the current set pretty cool. At least they still have an analog clock.

For whatever reason, I fall to Poker Game.

Old school everything, only a couple tweaks over the decades; the off-kilter Sports Type displays to resemble a hand of cards, the Joker mascot, consistent use of the Big Banana Remix, always in slot #4 followed by the midshow bumper, and the fact I think Bob secretly liked this game.

I was sad to see it go.  But they would have trashed the nostalgia of it in the modern era anyway.


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