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FPG 10/21/22 - Fifteen to Midnights Edition


Welcome back to another season of FPG. I'm your host, Tris, and our first game just so happens to fall on the same day Taylor Swift releases her next album, Midnights. We don't know very much about this album at all, but it should be a smash. Whether she leans back into her country roots, continues her recent indie folk sound, or goes more pop, it's nice to get some new music flowing.

But you're not here to hear me get excited for Taylor Swift, you're here to hear me get excited for FPG. Now, this has also happened to start the same week that GRECO starts. It doesn't matter if you're doing well there or even playing the game, this is a separate game. You aren't obligated to pick games from that card if you don't think they'll show up tomorrow, though if that helps guide your lineup then go for it.

I just need 6 games and 1 play-along pick submitted in a lineup that you think will be played on Friday PMed to me by 9 AM ET, the usual stuff. Shouldn't be any issues with spoilers this week, though if anything pops up, you should put it in the spoiler thread stickied at the top of this forum.

Good luck, have fun, and I hope this FPG will be a fairytale.


SPOILERS: None for Friday's game. Would be nice to not have any to start.

10/17/2022 (Monday - 9941K) Vend/Range/Rat/DP/OA/1WP
10/18/2022 (Tuesday - 9942K) Math/Card/Bonkers/Penny/Side/Line
10/19/2022 (Wednesday - 9943K) TP/CoG/X/Bargain/Stack/Balance
10/20/2022 (Thursday - 9944K) Punch/Push/Any/ME/Dice/NoT
10/21/2022 (Friday - 9945K) I hope there's also no Bad Blood between you and this lineup.

I'll try FPG if I can get on around 7:50 AM my time


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