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FPG 10/28/22 - Shirting the Line Edition


Halloween is just around the corner, but we don't have a game that day. So you're stuck with this pun relating to the SZA's long awaited song coming out Friday.

Not much else to say about this one, send away!

SPOILERS: Don't see anything for this one.

10/24/2022 (Monday - 9951K) Plinko/Flip/10C/1RP/Roll/Range
10/25/2022 (Tuesday - 9952K) TTM/1WP/HL/Danger/Bee/DX
10/26/2022 (Wednesday - 9953K) 241/L7/Bonus/Side/Grand/Cover
10/27/2022 (Thursday - 9954K) Squeeze/Rent/Grid/Spree/Roo/CoG
10/28/2022 (Friday - 9955K) Hope you've been having some good days.


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