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FPG 11/11/22 - RESULTS


Yikes, haven't had one of these games in a while. It's a good thing Plinko was spoiled, otherwise this could've been really ugly. A lot of people had the right idea on slotting (though Plinko first was certainly viable). Unfortunately, almost every game was a bait and switch from what people might have expected during the show.

Door 2 MP 2nd: Switch or Eazy? No, Bargain 4 weeks in a row.
1P 4th: Range or Flip? No, CoG going 7 of the first 8 weeks of the season.
Car 5th: A longer car game like Line or Pocket, or even Strikes with that car? Nope, Gridlock.
GP 6th: Pair or Vend? No, NoT, which nobody picked.

I'm not even sure that I need to do a proper rundown like usual. There were people who got most of these games, but all together it made for a rough game to sit through. The show was fine, even without hitting it big in Plinko, but there was a lot of frustration with these curveballs and while the scores were serviceable, it was lower than expected.

Wayo wins with 10/42, 22FJB not far behind with 10/28, and 04 getting 3rd with 8/28.

Come back next time when we hopefully do not have to deal with a spoiler; though I suppose it could be worse. See you all then.


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