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FPG 11/18/22 - Megan Thee Stallion Doll Edition


She really should be in that horror movie that's coming out, but at least she's really excited for it.

And I hope you're excited for this game coming up. There's nothing special about it, other than it being the week before Thanksgiving, but it's something to get excited over.

Don't think there's anything else to explain, just go out there and dance!


SPOILERS: None that I'm aware of.

11/14/2022 (Monday - 9981K) Dice/Danger/Time/Side/Rat/1RP
11/15/2022 (Tuesday - 9982K) S?/Bonus/Gas/PaN/Swap/Stack
11/16/2022 (Wednesday - 9983K) 1WP/Roo/Range/Money/Penny/Math
11/17/2022 (Thursday - 9984K) Half/DP/Line/Vend/L7/Race
11/18/2022 (Friday - 9985K) Will your lineup be a savage?


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