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2023 Obituaries Thread

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Earth, Wind and Fire drummer Fred White has passed away, per an announcement from the group on New Year's Day. No cause of death was given.

Ken Block, Hoonigan co-founder and pro rally driver, was killed in a snowmobile accident today at age 55.

Dave & Buster's co-founder Buster Corley has died at the age of 72. Apparent suicide, though there is an on-going investigation.

As an avid fan of arcade redemption games, this one hurts. Augusta, GA finally got a Dave & Busters last year. It's one of my favorite locations to rack up some jackpots and enjoy some great food. He will be missed!

Actor Earl Boen, Dr. Peter Silberman from The Terminator movies and appearances on too many tv shows to count passed away at age 81.

Adam Rich, former child actor who played Nicholas Bradford on ABC's Eight is Enough, died at the age of 54.


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