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FPG 2/17/23 - Solo: A Rachel Reynolds Story Edition
« on: February 16, 2023, 01:38:24 AM »
Well, that didn't take long to start getting off the train tracks. First, we had a cancer awareness special go unnoticed until game day; then we had a show the following week not air. Now we've got a missing show that has the potential to affect our little game for a while.

Aside from that, it's good that Rachel's got other models with her now, because it was getting a little sad having to have her run around everywhere. She's a trooper for doing it all on her own, now she can take a little breather while others help take some of the workload off her.

You're on your own with this though, see how well you can do as we finish out taping year 2022 (for now). At least things remain spoiler free for now, at least to my knowledge.


SPOILERS: Nothing that I am aware of.

THIS WEEK'S LINEUPS (highlight to view):
2/13/2023 (Monday- 0111L) Side/L7/Eazy/Path/Bargain/Grand
2/14/2023 (Tuesday - 0112L) Cover/DP/Plinko/ME (trips)/Grid/Grocery
2/15/2023 (Wednesday - 0113L) Cliff/Swap/Dice/CoG/241/Stack
2/16/2023 (Thursday - 0114L) Roo/Math/Freeze/TTP/1WP/Card
2/17/2023 (Friday - 0115L) Like the song, Me, Myself and I.
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