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NFL Off-Season 2023: Trades, Free Agency, Draft ETC

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--- Quote from: Superballer on May 11, 2023, 10:29:59 AM ---One would assume the Super Bowl LVII rematch will be comparatively early in the season, so they can get it in when both Kansas City and Philadelphia both still unquestionably would look good.  In the meantime, given there's been a Cowboys-Eagles game on Sunday night for the last 15 years, I see no reason that ends this season with both teams having made the playoffs last year, so we can expect that too.

--- End quote ---

The Cowboys could've been 2-15 last year, and they'd still put them late on Sunday against the Eagles.

Some early signs I've seen have it as a Week 5 SNF game, but I'm not linking to it here since there may be a lot of false info this year

Falcons' schedule is pretty vanilla. No Sunday night,
Monday or Thursday tilts (games 14 and 17 are TBAs) with at least ten games on Fox, four on CBS, and the London game with the Jaguars (10/1) on ESPN+, to be aired locally in Atlanta by the ABC affiliate.

One more thing about the schedules is that the TNF flex is a go for 2023.  It'll play out toward the end of the season.  It's for one year only, but if no one gets flexed to Thursday night, then that rule will carry over to 2024.

Finally, all fair catches behind the 25-yard line will result in the ball being placed at the 25-yard line.  Pretty much similar to college football game


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