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NFL Off-Season 2023: Trades, Free Agency, Draft ETC

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Falcons acquire QB Taylor Heinicke from Houston. He played with Washington and Carolina prior and has a 34-24 TD-to-INT ratio in six seasons. Opinions on Facebook are highly divided.

Related: The Colts plan on cutting QB Matt Ryan. There is scuttlebutt he'll return to Atlanta.

Dallas acquiring Stephon Gilmore from Indianapolis

Couple of notes, including a very big and rather belated one:

Dan Snyder finally sells the Washington NFL franchise (at least the plan is there), AND OBJ is going to Baltimore (no Washington for the former NYC and LA star).

Speaking of Baltimore, no word on what's next for Lamar & his future in Baltimore.  And speaking of a lack of a future, Aaron Rodgers as a Jet isn't a super safe bet.

Sporting News is one of many places to go if you want to learn the details of Eagles QB & NFC Champion Jalen Hurts record contract extension.

On a totally separate note, I forgot to mention that Sean Payton is returning to coaching (but yet somehow brought up Vance Joseph instead); Payton's NFL return may (or may not) help out Russell & Denver within the AFC West

Aaron Rodgers is on his way to New York to be a Jet. Green Bay and New York will swap first round draft picks, and Green Bay gets a second and sixth round pick as well as an unconditional second round pick next year.


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