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Former Family Feud contestant accused of murder


Just found this on Inside Editionís YouTube channel.  //

A really shocking scenario...
I can only say that I can only give my thoughts and prayers to that family for what they're going through at this time...

The Bliefnicks were on three episodes in Season 21 that aired on January 22, 27, and 28, 2020. They went 1-for-2 in Fast Money and won $20,935. On their first episode, they beat the Scott family on their second day. On the Bliefnicks' second day, they beat the Murph family, then on their third day, they lost to the Winchester family, who ended up playing the full five games but lost their fifth one and the car.

GSN appears to have pulled all three of the Bliefnicks' episodes already. On Wednesday night, they aired the Scotts' first game (OAD 1/21/2020), then skipped right over the Bliefnicks' run to the Winchesters' second game (OAD 1/29/2020).


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