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What is your favorite set or production change during Season 13?


It took about a year and a half this time around, but The Barker Era has finally crossed the finish line for its 13th year on CBS, and thus, time for another poll to examine the impact of the various set and production changes that have occurred over the course of a season. The props and stagehands really upped their game this season, right from the getgo with the new Showcase Podiums and repainting of Contestants' Row with in addition to that "hot pink", also inserted some brass just outside the bid displays. This continued on all through the season at a swifter pace compared to Season 12 and very close to Season 11 in terms of overall changes. And the changes of course even expanded beyond the stage and into the audience. So once again, case your votes and include your thoughts if applicable. I've listed the changes chronologically in this poll, although a few games included multiple changes over the course of the season (Penny Ante, Pick A Pair, and Range Game, so I'm listing those separately). I've also omitted a few minor ones like the new microphones in Contestants' Row and on the SC podiums, the extra glitter to Double Prices' and One Right Price's podiums, as well as the slightly modified check text in Blank Check, but feel free to vote for those in the "other" option.

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There is one huge change that I will add, pannoni.  It's the big wheel scoreboard.  It changed from sports type to the vane scoreboard that is still used to this day.

I appreciate 1985's attempt to remove the 1970's from the visuals, redesigning sets like Most Expensive and the Showcase podiums, touch up paint jobs on a few games and removing a lot of the ugly stucco set design.

Watching the Barker episodes is interesting because the episodes shown thus far (Seasons 11-13) highlight the biggest evolution era of the show- going from the more roughshod and ugly 1970's aesthetic to the gold and glitzy glamour that it later became most well known for, with it's 1986 Specials in the not-distant future which really turned a corner for the show overall and cemented the "Big Golden Hollywood" vibe of the show's next 15 or so years.

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I was never a fan of the pink Contestants' Row before this season popped up on the Barker Era. It does seem out of place, and I think they made the right move going back to green later in 1985. With the turntable carpet, borders, and Big Doors all green, it makes sense for Contestants' Row to match.

That said, finally seeing 84/85 episodes with crystal clear video, the pink Contestants' Row is growing on me. Maybe it's for reasons similar to what DYC said. I also appreciate the attempt to update the visuals from their previous 70's sensibilities.


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