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New Pricing Game idea: Stuck in the Middle



Door 2 opens revealing 3 fabulous prizes & they are described by George.
The prizes are in order left to right least expensive to most expensive.
One of the models then rolls out a forth prize on a podium.  The contestant must decide if the price of the forth prize would be “Stuck in the Middle” in order of the other 3 either in the second spot (between original prize 1&2) or the 3rd spot ( between prize 2 & 3).  For the reveal the models have prize stands like Race Game.  They open the original 3 first, then the big reveal is the forth prize in the right place? If yes they win all 4.

Not a bad idea at all, IMO.  I think it's a little too easy for a 4 prize game.  I'd probably stick to your plan, but instead of 3 fabulous prizes to start, I'd go with 4 to start and then bring out a 5th prize which would give the player a one in 3 shot at the win.

FWIW, Stuck in the middle might be better suited for a fee game (Grocery or SP) for a nice prize package, if not for cash or an automobile, but not a bad idea at all to be honest!


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