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GRECO!5 Week 21: 5/1 to 5/5

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This playing will presumably cover 0221-0225L in production order, but there are no guarantees.

There are no spoiled games.

The PATTERN was drawn randomly in Discord with my bot, with the result public to see for everyone. The CHECKMARK will be the PATTERN for this playing.

Good luck!

12: Side By Side
11: Any Number, Most Expen$ive, Pick-a-Number
10: 1 Right Price, Bargain Game, Flip Flop, Hi Lo, Make Your Move
9: Hot Seat, Lucky $even, Race Game
8: Gas Money, It's in the Bag
7: 2 for the Price of 1, Bullseye, Card Game, Golden Road, One Away, Pick-a-Pair, Shell Game, That's Too Much!
6: Back to '73, Gridlock!, Hole in One, Punch a Bunch, Range Game, Spelling Bee
5: Do the Math, Money Game, Rat Race
4: 1/2 Off, Dice Game, Plinko, Push Over, Stack the Deck
3: Coming or Going, Double Prices, Safe Crackers, Squeeze Play, Switcheroo
2: Check Game, Check-Out, Now....or Then, One Wr°ng Price, Switch?, Vend-O-Price
1: 3 Strikes, 5 Price Tags, Balance Game, Bonus Game, Cliff Hangers, Grand Game, More or Less, Pathfinder

Happy sandbag Monday

Half, Hole & Move together again this season and really due quickies, a peaceful Tuesday.

The answer to "Stack or Hole" was both? Aw man.


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