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Apparently the Plinko sign still exists...

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Excuse the bump, but more trashed props from the studio move have turned up on eBay, including…

A Plinko Chip for $3,500 (maybe this is why they were kept under lock and key)

A Barker Dollar for $800 or Best Offer

Several other odds and ends including prop tickets used in showcases

The pink Box 11 from Half Off, only $2,200!

The five neon triangles from It’s In The Bag, for $1,000!

And tons of other cool stuff. Clearly the seller is trying to get a high price for this stuff, but if you’re patient prices may go down as the seller tests what people are willing to pay. Hopefully you won’t need a blank check…

…which I was able to pick up at a reasonable price when the seller did a test run at a discount (thanks thatgameshowguy for the heads up) and will be framing on my wall.

I always wonder how some of that stuff gets into people's possession. Pieces that are no longer used on the show aren't much of a mystery (and apparently they changed the lights in It's in the Bag at some point), but the seller also has seven Range Game price strips. As one of the images on the eBay page indicates, there were a handful of strips hanging on a fence/wall in the Television City storage area (including the modified strip used in the pilot for the 1994 syndicated version), ready to have their thousands and hundreds digits replaced as necessary depending on the needs of the game that day. Maybe seven spares is a bit overkill, but... did Fremantle really have no space to store a few backups in case one gets damaged? That seems a little shortsighted.

This would be a cool way to display some Price Memorabilia or prizes won from a personal show appearance, if one had the room for this, lol. (Golden Road Clamshell turntable)


--- Quote from: SteveGavazzi on June 05, 2023, 05:48:08 PM ---So where are you putting it?

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Is Sally confirming he bought it?  I mean, Roger was just 770 bucks shy of the price for what he got selling his iPhone, so it makes me wonder...


--- Quote from: MSTieScott on November 16, 2023, 04:50:03 AM ---I always wonder how some of that stuff gets into people's possession.

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In this specific scenario, by dumpster diving. Literally. Those ranges came straight from a TVC dumpster.


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