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GRECO!5 Week 23: 5/22 to 5/26

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This playing will presumably cover 0251-55L in production order, but there are no guarantees.

There are twospoiled games (highlight to see): Coming or Going, Clock Game

The PATTERN was drawn randomly in Discord with my bot, with the result public to see for everyone. The DIAMOND (four non-diagonal squares next to the center) will be the PATTERN for this playing.

Good luck! This is the regular season finale.

11: Clock Game, Coming or Going, Double Prices
10: 1 Right Price, Do the Math, It's in the Bag, Lucky $even, Take Two, Vend-O-Price
9: Pass the Buck, Pocket ¢hange, Shell Game
8: Bonkers, Cliff Hangers, Double Cross, Hot Seat, Money Game, Rat Race
7: One Wrøng Price, Stack the Deck, That's Too Much!
6: Dice Game
5: Balance Game, Bullseye, Punch a Bunch, Range Game, Switch?, Temptation
4: Bonus Game, Flip Flop, Gridlock!
3: 1/2 Off, Hole in One, One Away, Shopping Spree, Squeeze Play
2: 2 for the Price of 1, Check-Out, Most Expen$ive, Plinko, Secret "X"
1: 3 Strikes, Bargain Game, Danger Price, Gas Money, Grand Game, Let 'em Roll, Line em Up, Pick-a-Number, Pick-a-Pair, Push Over, Side By Side, Spelling Bee, To The Penny

What a strong start!

Besides SP/car overload, this is the best 2-day start to a GRECO week of the season, I think. But Bee showing does mean at least one of Bonus/Shell/Cliff/Punch is skipping, so that will be a problem down the line.

(Also, Drew's birthday show and they don't play Temptation...?)



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