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Drew Carey at 65


Don't forget to wish Drew a happy birthday tomorrow. 
I give Him and the staff all the credit for keep the show on the air and continuing to make many memories.

I did a triple take at the subject line.

Drew looks maybe 50 and, IMO, looks better (and seems happier) than he did when I watched him on Whose Line growing up.

Here’s to 65 more!

100%.  Carey looks great; he's improved in that category and in terms of how he feels as the years go by.  It's quite tremendous & very awesome.

While I don't think Drew will see my post, HBD to the face of TPIR!  Not the star, I guess, but one of the stars.  65 years is nice!  Though I don't expect him to take advantage of that retirement position he's in right now!


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