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90 minutes with Terry, 90 minutes with Ted


I had the pleasure of interviewing both Terry Kniess and Ted Slauson for my podcast, “Tell Us About Yourself: Conversations with Game Show Contestants”. Here are those two episodes.

Terry Kniess

Ted Slauson

There are some other neat interviews here as well, including one with former announcer Randy West, and Paul Levine from episode 1 and the 40th anniversary show. Enjoy.

I didn't even need to open it to know that these episodes are "must listen to" content.  Nice bonus to have Paul and Randy involved.

I'm not one to tune into interviews (usually due to time) but when it's worth it, I make the effort.

Thanks for sharing, take care!

Didn't you also do one with a certain Price superfan? : P

In all seriousness, if you haven't listened to this podcast yet, check it out. It's great. I've been a listener since day 1 and it's absolutely fascinating to hear the stories of the contestants from their perspective. Truly there's nothing else like it on the web. And Christian is a masterful interviewer as well.


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