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GRECO!5 PLAYOFFS 2: 6/5 to 6/9

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This playing will presumably cover 0271-0275L in production order, but there are no guarantees.

There are three spoiled games (highlight to see): Safe Crackers, One Right Price, Lucky $even

I would also like to point out that there are multiple games spoiled for 3/29 tapings, which are set to air on June 16, June 19 and maybe one other unknown airdate as well. That information is out there to use in your decision making if you desire - but it might be bait! I realized only last night this would be technically spoiled games for week 3 of the playoffs, and I apologize for not noticing that - I will be letting it be open season as far as those games on week 3. More on that this time next week.

The PATTERN was drawn randomly in Discord with my bot, with the result public to see for everyone. The CHECKMARK will be the PATTERN for this playing.

Good luck!

Only the following players may play in the GRECO playoffs, having earned at least 300 points in the regular season. The current standings are attached (end of week 1).

Good luck! Remember the super spot now goes away for the playoffs, and this is a cumulative three-week total.

11: Card Game, Lucky $even, One Wrøng Price
10: 1 Right Price, Coming or Going, Money Game, Push Over, Safe Crackers, Squeeze Play, Time I$ Møney
9: 1/2 Off, Hole in One, Pathfinder, Pick-a-Number, Secret "X"
8: Bargain Game, Eazy az 1 2 3
7: Master Key, Range Game, Swap Meet
6: Plinko
5: Flip Flop, Grocery Game, It's in the Bag, More or Less, That's Too Much!, Vend-O-Price
4: 3 Strikes, Now....or Then, Switch?
3: Back to '73, Check Game, Let 'em Roll, Race Game
2: 5 Price Tags, Any Number, Do the Math, Double Cross, One Away, Pay the Rent, Triple Play
1: 10 Chances, 2 for the Price of 1, Bonkers, Bonus Game, Check-Out, Cover Up, Dice Game, Double Prices, Gridlock!, Hot Seat, Rat Race, Shopping Spree, Side By Side, Stack the Deck

First half was nice and obvious, 2nd half devolved into repeat quickie and two trolly games (although A# certainly can show whenever it wants).

Oh. Shoot.

I take a slight lead, hopefully a key pick as the week goes on, with 5PT over some other SP/car options. Of course others may show as well. The regular GP dump should be done for now, but Vend can do what it wants...


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