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Barry & Enright hypocrisy

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Showing how old I am (66), I harken back to 1963's short-lived show The Object Is, the first game Dick Clark would host. It cribbed from You Don't Say! In that it involved identifying names, and from Password in that it involved using one-word clues (the clues being inanimate objects). It even used the little wallets with the name concealed. It's a wonder GT and Desilu didn't file a joint suit against it.

GRWHAMMY the 2nd:

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"Blank check" is simply a phrase, as is "temptation" as a word. Where were the controlling interests for Heatter-Quigley when Price came up with their "Hot Seat" game? (Hot Seat was a 1976 ABC game with married couples.)

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And then there's the spin-off WWTBAM format, also called "Hot Seat" that's in use in some countries (Australia being one that comes to mind for that specific format).


--- Quote from: Ccook on June 07, 2023, 02:43:06 PM ---A show could have a similar name as a show or a show's component but have differing objectives. There was a Wheel of Fortune in the early 50s  (prizes were awarded from a wheel for people doing good deeds) and there was certainly no stink raised when Merv Griffin launched his version in 1975.

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Wheel of Fortune goes back to a tarot card, which was probably based on carnival games that go back at long as there have been carnivals.


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