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GRECO!5 PLAYOFFS 3: 6/12 to 6/16

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This playing will presumably cover 0261-65L in production order, but there are no guarantees.

There are two spoiled games (highlight to see): Let 'em Roll, Line 'em Up

There are six other potentially spoiled games for Friday that I am not putting any restrictions on since I messed up the timing of these playoffs. It is up to you to figure out what is showing or not, if you want to "risk it". Spoilers suck, sorry! Here are those games (highlight to see): Back to '73, Balance Game, Side by Side, Bonus Game, One Right Price, Hot Seat

The PATTERN was drawn randomly in Discord with my bot, with the result public to see for everyone. The DIAMOND (four non-diagonal squares next to the center) will be the PATTERN for this playing.

I've attached the standings as of the end of week 2. This is the final week. GOOD LUCK!

This didn't feel like a good start. Two 1s, two 5s and a 4 to go with Time.

11: Let 'em Roll, Line em Up, Money Game, Range Game
10: 1/2 Off, Back to '73, Bargain Game, Eazy az 1 2 3, It's in the Bag, Side By Side, That's Too Much!
9: Balance Game, Master Key, Race Game, Switch?, Time I$ Møney, Vend-O-Price
8: 1 Right Price
7: Dice Game, One Away, Rat Race, Squeeze Play
5: Check Game, Flip Flop, Lucky $even, One Wrøng Price
4: Bonus Game, Double Cross, Freeze Frame, Gridlock!, Shopping Spree
3: Cliff Hangers
2: Bonkers, Bullseye, Do the Math, Grand Game, Pay the Rent, Push Over
1: 10 Chances, 3 Strikes, Any Number, Check-Out, Cover Up, Double Prices, Gas Money, Grocery Game, Hot Seat, Most Expen$ive, Punch a Bunch, Secret "X", Spelling Bee, Switcheroo, Take Two, To The Penny

This is officially an ugly start - really ugly. I guess I should be happy given the position I came into this week, but I'm just annoyed with the rest of you anyways!

Getting yuckier. To overtake me you probalby need the FIRST GRECO bonus as it seems there's not going to be many GRECOs this week.

Despite finally getting a bunch of due games besides A#, there weren't any GRECOs until TTM - and Flerb has the only two right now. That puts him within striking distance of me, and it will come down to what other spoiled games show with the two known ones tomorrow.

The final sandbag / 1-pick game count will be something.


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