Author Topic: CSS Results for 06/12/2023 (PLAYOFFS 11)  (Read 226 times)

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CSS Results for 06/12/2023 (PLAYOFFS 11)
« on: June 12, 2023, 08:14:22 PM »
This was a pretty interesting playing to start the final week of hte playoffs. I was too busy to play anyways, but I shiggled pretty much what FJB bid, figuring the random backyard was probably cheap and that was about right for the FRATs, maybe. But I doubt I actually bid these in a real playing as my main goal right now is not to go over.

You can see what would have happened, and did happen officially for FJB, as this was otherwise a tough sheet with 3 WSDs annd 2 blown DSWs.
S5x... the show's stabilized into something decent now, I guess...