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We're well into the offseason now, so before it's too late I want to open things up for discussion. How can this fledging format improve into next season? There's been some discussion on Discord, but I'd like all of that reposted here so it's all in one place.

I'm all ears!

Only one idea from me, but I'm certain it'll create some controversy. For every sandbag in GRECO, each player participating that week loses one point towards their overall score.

I'll pass on that one, I need all the points I can get.  ;)

Otherwise, I think it's pretty good the way it is now, but I'm sure others will come up with something.

Discord discussion from Wednesday:

--- Quote ---[4:37 PM]Wayoshi: Time to really start thinking about this, as we're probably starting in 4-5 weeks' time.

I think the random choices on the pattern of the week made a certain amount of sense, but I think I want to go with a set rotation next season so everything gets equal play. I forget if a 4th pattern was proposed or not - I'd be open to that.

No on "which game number of week gets first GRECO". IT's a fun concept but it's a bit confusing - let's keep that to shiggles.

I'm OK with bonus points (5 per?) for being the solo pick on a played game. I feel like it's different enough from FPG in that it's throughout a whole week, and I'd cap it at 1, nothing else for 2-4 picks like FPG.

I'm torn on bonus points for a 6/6 day. I'm leaning yes (and it can be 6 points for the meme).
[10:41 PM]tpir04: the 4th pattern somebody suggested was a zigzag consisting of G1, G3, R2, R4 or some similar combo of squares. Problem is R4 is already used in the checkmark pattern unless that's a non-issue. If you wanted to entertain patterns with 5 or 6 spaces, that would be fun too, or keep it at 4 per for simplicity.

I'd probably want to offer another 5 points if the solo pick is also part of a GRECO -- not much reason except for added zest. Would result in more courageous selections though.
[10:46 PM]Wayoshi: nah, that's bordering on too many bonuses at that point
[10:47 PM]tpir04: yeah probably, there are enough bonuses already
[10:52 PM]tpir04: I'd really like to see some kind of "doubling down" aspect where each player selects one row, column, or diagonal on their card to play along with and they'll get double the points for filling that line, or a penalty if it's left incomplete
[10:54 PM]tpir04: hmm but a 3x on super spot then doubled...proportions would get all screwed up
[10:57 PM]Wayoshi: I don't twant any more inputs than the 25 games
[10:58 PM]Wayoshi: why do we need penalties?
[10:59 PM]Wayoshi: already got the 0.5x
[11:00 PM]tpir04: penalties wouldn't be necessary no
--- End quote ---


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