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ideas to improve or update other game shows
« on: August 16, 2023, 11:04:39 AM »
In correlation with the previous threads on how to possibly improve or change some of Price's games, let's swing the net out and ask, how might you change other shows if you had control to do so (note that this can apply to either active or dormant game shows).  Among my ideas: 

-$ale of the Century:  main game would be primarily the same as it was on the classic show, with Instant Cash now starting at a base of $5,000.  For the bonus round, I'd basically have another speed round series, with the original shopping format's graduated prize structure in place.  Correctly answer 10 questions in another 60 seconds, and if the champion earned enough overall money to be eligible for a prize in question, they win it (if they failed to reach the level they'd need to, they would get a flat $1,000 consolation prize and the choice whether to take it and go or come back).  If they fail to answer all 10 questions, that prize is out of play for the moment.  Win or lose, they would then be given the choice to take everything they have and leave or risk it for the next prize up, knowing there would be a rollover at week's end.  Eight prizes would be available at a given time, with the car(s) at the top of the pyramid as the last prize.  If they clear them all, they would be given one final choice to take everything or risk losing it all for one last game.  Choose the latter and succeed, and they win the grand prize jackpot, which would start at $100,000 and go up an addition $5,000 each day it's not claimed 

-Bumper Stumpers:  again, the main game would be primarily the same.  If a third game would be needed, however, the final Super Stumper would be played sudden death style, with each symbol in the plate being revealed one at a time until one team buzzes in with the correct answer.  They would then face a two-part bonus round similar to the Eubanks/Rafferty Card Sharks.  In the first segment, if they can solve 7 license plates in 60 seconds (maybe 45 if they really wanted to make it challenging), they win $10,000.  In the second, they would face the Final Stumper for a car, with graduated odds depending on how long they've been champion.  Under this format, a first time team would thus be facing an S-T-U-M-P-E-R board with one WIN (or CAR) screen and 6 stop signs.  Select the WIN/CAR, they win it and retire; select a stop sign, and the game ends.  If they win a second match afterwards, one stop sign will be removed from the board, and they'll have 6 letters to choose from.  A third win removes a second stop sign and leaves 5 letters left, and so on until they'd win the car automatically if they win 7 matches 

-Wordplay:  streamline the main game with a graduated space prize system, rather than leaving it up to sheer blind luck what each word's worth.  First word would be worth $100, second worth $200, third worth $400, and so on doubling the amounts.  Having connecting words given elevated amounts would still be in place, and the Double Definitions round would be essentially the same 

-Tic-Tac-Dough:  main game would be basically the same as the classic version, with the Wayne edition's feature of giving the players control over the board's shuffling retained.  Keep it down to one special category per round to keep them more special, stick primarily to the ones that did work or were interesting to watch unfold (Seesaw, Auction, Double or Nothing, to name a few), and arrange it that getting any special category correct will double the pot, which will once again roll over in the event of a tie.  Return to the CBS bonus round's format of trying to find a tic tac toe without the dragon coming up.  If it would not complicate things, have the champion choose either X or O as a "lucky symbol;" finding that symbol earns double the other one, and if that symbol forms the tic tac toe and is revealed, they win a car (as opposed to a regular prize package if the other symbol forms it) 

-Trump Card:  streamline the main game to make it a pure race.  Part one is a straight race to get 5 in a row across the middle of the Trump Card board.  First player to do so, and whichever of the remaining two is further along at that point, move one, with a tiebreaking question asked if needed.  Second round is another race to cover their entire card; first player to do it, or whoever's furthest along when time's called, wins.  Bonus round would be the same without the free space given for still having a trump card to make it more challenging 

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Re: ideas to improve or update other game shows
« Reply #1 on: August 16, 2023, 02:41:46 PM »
Here's a simple improvement that would help Hot Streak and The $1,000,000 Chance of a Lifetime if they were brought back-- play them for points, and whoever has the most points wins their point total as a dollar amount prize (no more playing for an illusory dollar score that only becomes real for the players if they win the game [IMO, that was unfair to those players when, by sheer luck, they ended up losing, whether the other side was just that good at the game, or they committed violations that they didn't even know they committed, or they just otherwise got unlucky]); the games would otherwise be played as they were then.