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Season 52 New Studio Experience!

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Mr. Weatherman:
Today is the day!  Taping of our favorite game show has officially commenced at a new studio for the first time since the current CBS iteration began 51 years ago (not counting the one-off Vegas 30th Anniversary Special).  At least a handful of Golden-Road members are present for todayís taping sessions and will surely begin filling us in shortly on all the changes we can expect to see on television this September.

Rather than continuing the previous speculation conversations, this occasion is definitely worthy of its own thread as weíll finally have some long-awaited answers to the many questions weíve all had for many months now!

Iím definitely curious what the opening line is now!

What is the size of the audience at the new studio?


--- Quote from: justinbergner on July 28, 2023, 04:29:49 PM ---What is the size of the audience at the new studio?

--- End quote ---

Around 150 in the audience based on early reports on Twitter (or X or Elon's love child or whatever it's called today)

Numbers I saw went to 165. Capacity might be 170 if wheelchairs are the last row. Donít fear - itís the same olí Price is Right we love. They were very clever with the Race Game curtain.


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