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Big Brother us s25 discussion
« on: August 23, 2023, 11:08:57 PM »
I know we do not usually make a big brother page. (even though the only I began watching big brother is was due to Price is right advertisements, which made me think it was a sci-fi show since they all had zingbot two big brother seasons ago (s23).) but this past episode (ep8 I posted a while after) on a competition called "snot a winner" had this 80s design set (The Orange like color scheme style) where the host wears suits similar to press your luck. event ends with nickelodeon "snot"/slime. oh did I mention there's noses on low for the place that I thought looked like pigs noses. (but were actually peoples noses). biggest question I had after, how was the female outfit look. (considering they would have had to plan if there was a female HOH the previous week.) is there any iconic outfit for female host in the 80s like that suit (obviously press your luck in this case) for the men.

of course if other people expressed interest in talking about the show in general we could always expand the discussion. they are doing the Multiverse theme this year with four universities. scary verse (Netherverse, seems to be used interchangeably) , humili-verse (embarrassed verse), weird verse, comic-verse , scramble verse.