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PLUG: Edd Kalehoff - Moog Grooves
« on: August 21, 2023, 09:41:59 PM »
Full disclosure - I am not involved with this project but thought it might be of some interest here given Edd's many game show compositions.  Mods, feel free to delete or edit as necessary if the plug goes beyond what's allowed.

For those that were not aware, Sifted Sand Records, a small indpendent music label, recently released Edd Kalehoff's first commercially available album, Moog Grooves.  The album contains archival material from the 1970s and has selections from a number of his projects and commercials during the decade.  As the name implies, most of the tracks feature the Moog synthesizer in some way - sometimes as the lead, sometimes as the bass, sometimes as the percussion, or sometimes as more of an effect. 

Between the announcement of the album and its release, I had the opportunity to chat with Marco from Sifted Sand and can vouch for the amount of research and passion that went into putting together the album.  It's been in the works for a long time, and it's great that it came to fruition!  I consider myself quite familiar with Edd's work and was pleased with the selections - some of them I already knew, and there were others that I didn't know which are now becoming new favorites!

For game show fans, the first track on the second side is of particular interest - "Gone Too Long" served as the theme for two different game show pilots, Money Words and Take 5.  While there are no other game show tracks on the album, there are a few tracks that wouldn't sound out of place on one - "Birdnest Blues" and its Moog solo is one, and it has a TPiR/Concentration/Tattletales vibe to it.

For its initial release, the album is currently available on vinyl only.  It is limited to 600 copies, with a choice of regular black vinyl or special yellow vinyl (limited to 200 copies).  Prices are $30 and $36, respectively, and are available at the Sifted Sand Records Bandcamp site.  While a digital release in the future is possible, the goal is to first sell as much of the vinyl as possible to recoup the cost of its production.  Also for purchase at the Bandcamp site is an EP called New Age which is a collection of atmospheric tracks written in the late 80s.  The EP is also available for streaming and purchasing through other services such as Spotify and Amazon.  If you are able to support Sifted Sand and Edd through either the album or the EP, that would be great.