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52: New Municipality, New Studio, Same Old Recapper

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Roadgeek Adam:

It's that time of year again. Despite the fact we have no clue when 0102L is airing, I have begun preparations for Season 52. The first season without Robert William Barker and the first season not at the studio that bears his name. It's certainly gonna be different from a mental perspective, even if the aethstetic changes are few. With the new studio, I figured we'd go with the Welcome to Glendale approach taking the hobby that makes the first half of my handle. (WP788 always does such a great job putting these together for me, so thank him.)

The new season begins September 25, 2023. If 0102L airs before the Season 52 debut, I will post it and archive it within a week to join the rest of the crew. 190 shows or more to go. Let's have fun!

Two weeks will be here before I realize 7 days have flown by (half of that).  It'll be moving & emotional for sure.

For me, on a message board level, specifically this one, I can't imagine a season going by without Roadgeek as the recapper.  Everything's come a long way.  Enjoy the season, Adam.  Thanks for everything; take care.

Looking forward to another season of your recaps Adam.  Thank you for your thoughtful dedication to this!

Adam, you never seem to disappoint us. Great job on doing the recaps when you can. Keep up the great work. If there was a fantasy league of recaps, you would be our top pick hands down.

I would like to echo geniusinmath's remarks.  You do a remarkable and most outstanding job!  A true labor of love that is not taken for granted!  Thank you oodles times over!


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