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FPG 11/3/23 - If I Should Be So Lucky Edition


Welcome back to another season of FPG. There's a lot of mysteries going, from the taping schedule to the rotations, but we're going to roll with it.

You all know the rules. Send me lineup of six games, with what you think the results will be and your confidence on whether that game will show up (6 for the most confident pick, 1 for the least confident pick). You also get to pick one game as a play-along pick, where you will earn money based on your prediction and how well (or poorly) the contestant does throughout the show.

Think that's enough of a refresher, let's get picking!


SPOILERS: Don't think we have any to start off.

THIS WEEK'S LINEUPS (highlight to view):
10/30/2023 (Monday- 0351L) Half/Flip/MoL/Check/Roll/1RP
10/31/2023 (Tuesday - 0352L) S?/Cover/Punch/Vend/L7/Balance
11/1/2023 (Wednesday - 0353L) ME/Card/X/Side/NoT/10C
11/2/2023 (Thursday - 0354L) CoG/Bag/Money/Squeeze/DX/Tags
11/3/2023 (Friday - 0355L) Lucky Lucky Lucky.


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