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CSS Results for 11/22/2023 (Game 42)


With these SCs (probably a 20k+ Barcelona, a ton even for 4 people) and the situation at hand (a unicorn 4x points playing!!), had a lot of safe bids today. No one broke 90 raw, scoot was closest to that for an overall win but no cash for him as it turns out. On that big Barcelona it's SuperMatch93 with the high bid of just under 30k.

SC2 was clearly about 13-14k outside of the car, but they threw it a vehicle only seen once before prior, the Dodge Hornet. It's more than the Tiguan SE at base and then added a big package on top of it, so this SC also got a bit crazy (but not 50k+ crazy, sorry to the two overs). 9821 keeps padding his leads with another big cash.

Reminder Friday seems to be "new" - the long-awaited leftover from last season that has been continuously delayed. I will host a scrimmage for that if it does happen. Otherwise, this should be it until December 4!


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