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Game Girl:
I am going to put a combination casual viewer style perspective here in terms of the tv broadcast commentary along with adding a few extra things about the gameplay. this is might crash and burn but I am trying to test something above my traditional broadcast rant for my third year. golly this is long as a paste it onto the thing, are usually do one paragraph on anything I like and that's how it became this long. this is actually edited for hours but I am kind of out of time for this.

I feel they are doing better with keeping the names on the screen for the players with a exception of towards the end, which since they obviously use a different system I would go into at that portion. on other things I think they should make the hole number more obvious. I figured where the names are located which pops in and out of existence fourth actually means fourth hole but I originally thought it meant fourth place. there is definitely space to put the word hole in if they slightly shrink the unused portion in which they would have to be over 1000 par to be used. towards the end on the mini leaderboard I thought they were listing the holes in one of the columns (thinking maybe that's why they do not emphasise it) but they said Fleetwood was on hole 69 (something I know it does not exist) so I must be getting something wrong.

in terms of the commentary its self we had our momentary food related comments at 3:32, weird timing for one of the more popular players was currently swinging but overall it was pretty good. though mentioned his burrito order a few more times, and this is not the first year he mentioned it and I cannot remember who he was talking about just burritos. is this something I am missing here because it feels like there is, is it sponsor related or are they just hungry (they showed someone eating on the course later on making me not sure of the rules). granted everything else in general at least after the approximate 2 hour point (which I begin at for this) was on topic. but now the watchability report is done let's get to the actual game.

Morikawa and Homa hits with the ball leaving hole on the edge of hole 5 was heartbreaking remembering like any time ball slides out does. I do not think I could emphasize a shock in which Aberg came up from behind. he sure put up a show and emphasize that sometimes the ones that get attention initially can come up and get up there. someone got their digital kit to make a quick slide around the time he started to get into a tie for the first place to introduce the viewers to his career. (which was done nicely like most if not all of the slides are) if I have to say the most hilarious quotes would be "Who needs experience when you have all the shots". (hilarious because no one actually just walks onto a Masters course but shows the shock related to his lack of name recognition) (wow I think I phrased that 50 to 70 times, it is really hard to explain)

A quick mention of Adam Scott having a decent game along with them mentioning him having a record at one point. why do they keep pushing Fleetwood on us is beyond me. I have nothing personally against him but I also do not have anything personally with him. he seems to be one of those players that never really makes it past anything. would have preferred more Hojgaard rather than Fleetwood. (Who got the fair share but seem to begin being shown less than Fleetwood though around the same leaderboard level) or cycle through some of the obscure players that they seem to do when someone forgets a ball or something giving them some tv time. (edit - I just realize this would probably make confusion for casual viewers. I forgot that some of the hole differences are very large.)

they mentioned this hole (hit by Scotty) being mystical and it being a really good shot which it definitely was but it would have been nice to have something in the corner reminding us which hole it is unless 'the hole in which people lose their green jackets over' is actually the official title. (I think they said 10, but was showing first 9 afterwards, it was a great comment, really beautiful but it cannot be the only name given) on a DVR I can pause remind you but not worth rewinding until they fix system issue) they show a replay after Morikawa and did not mention which hole it was in the replay.

those water trap shots (two within a few minutes) sure were a surprise and for the follow with someone hitting in in the bush which they have to search for. this was definitely one of the more engaging moments of the tournament even if it was something you would not want to happen to you. in which I did like how they were able to put the photo of the person shooting in the corner of the screen as the bar was falling. 400 to 530 was done the same night from the DVR. luckily I got back to fixing all of everything by the last two holes so I did these 'live' and separate because when I posted it it was not seabreeze size but Price is right faq size (well maybe not that big but still).

Game Girl:
I decided to separate them so they could be on two different pages. (somehow it ended on the same page but still) all times are Eastern standard, this one was done 'live'. these weird aerial photos are just confusing at best. that flag bump was definitely something that must have been disappointing. I have to say at 539 never heard so many loud bird noises on this recorded, I actually thought it was digitally added it was so loud. this is complete curiosity (and would likely not have been mentioned if nature commentary was not in the Saturday pre-game) but if anyone knows what was going on I would love to hear. there were so many good shots on the last few holes both in terms of very good successes and very breaking near misses that we would be here all day to list them. So good that even though I had trouble keeping track of where everyone was it was still enjoyable to watch. it did not feel most important to know how everything is going but just to see the great game play.  towards the end a noticeable delay (around the time it takes for someone to warm up) for showing the names and eventually highlighting the mini leaderboard when they stop showing names.

Scotty Scheffler's bunker shot was sure something else. even a bigger distance and then the one I remember from back in 2022 when I began reviewing. I am kind of shocked that the announcer basically said that no one realised scotty was a "star" during his last swing. I cannot really imagine any doubt on that this year since he had a gigantic amount of attention all across the board. thinking back I am wondering if that speech was made for Aberg since that speech would have fit him better. I kinda of do not understand why they pushed Tiger Wood's game He might not even been close to the leaderboard, but he is definitely the name you know so putting him in a more prominent spot points and will probably make sense. (he was out before 3) I have the first two hours on a separate thing with the spanish inspiration and well likely do something at least with lesser known's later.

Not sure why they did not do the jacket on the course like at 2022, I think having the jacket ceremony around all of the foliage really looked beautiful and emphasize the 'course feeling' along with improved pacing. this year it was a blink and you miss it.

A lot of those names (but not all) I would definitely not have gotten without a quick rewind during commercials which led to a few gaps but this was a very good game and the commentary from the sections I paid attention to seem to be more on topic then some other years (I am looking at 2022). A day where a few passing burrito comments are the worst is a good day. This review on the other hand fell flat, hopefully I can improve on some of the stuff next year with a more manageable length and cleaner formatting.

--- Quote from: SeaBreeze341 on April 14, 2024, 06:55:11 PM ---I'm not sure what Scottie Scheffler did during Monday's eclipse, but a couple things, IMO, are true.  With his second jacket in 3 years, he eclipsed his first performance.  More important, by the end of the month, his story eclipsed at least most of those that were treated to a very nice time.  Fortunately, he didn't have to bolt mid tournament & back to Texas to be there for the birth of his first child.  Which, by the way is bigger than both of his wins at Augusta.

All jokes aside, one thing is isn't a joke is Scottie is definitely the best player in the world.

--- End quote ---

I would almost go as far to say he is our generations Tiger Woods. (in the 'almost' portion is mostly to say he's not currently as famous as him outside golfing circles)


--- Quote from: Game Girl on April 15, 2024, 04:08:23 PM ---I would almost go as far to say he is our generations Tiger Woods. (in the 'almost' portion is mostly to say he's not currently as famous as him outside golfing circles)

--- End quote ---

Based on Scottie's personality, he's probably OK with the fact that he'll never be anywhere near the level of Tiger in terms of fame.  Family first, no ego, and life it good for the World Number 1.  Being great at golf and an awesome husband & father tops being a face if not the face of the PGA

As for saying he's this generation's Tiger Woods, I'll pump the brakes with that.  The ceiling is that he is this era's Scottie Scheffler.  I think that's fair enough.

The media had similar comparisons with Rory and Spieth.  As of 2024, you could double their combined totals in majors, and it's still less than what Tiger Woods has today.  The same was said about Brooks, but at least he's won nearly a half dozen big events, all within the past half decade.

What I think is okay for a talking point is saying someone is the face of golf.  Scottie being that is fine.  He still has a long, long way to go.  Plus, the number one player in the world is 27; Woods wasn't even 25 and a half before winning over twice as many titles, including all four majors at least once


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