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FPG 4/12/24 - Eclipsed by the Eclipse Edition


Hope you all saw (or didn't see) that Eclipse Monday. Feels like the big talking point early in the week. While you'll have to wait 20 years for another big solar event like that, you don't have to wait long for another game of FPG.

It's another 3rd week, and with that, more lineups to check on. Will they stick with the games from this pair, will they go with some filler that's due or fits in, or will there be chaos ahead?

I cannot answer those questions for you, I can only say good luck and happy playing.


SPOILERS: Nothing seems to be shadowing this show tomorrow yet.

THIS WEEK'S LINEUPS (highlight to view):
4/8/2024 (Monday- 0571L) S?/OA/HL/Freeze/Key/Check
4/9/2024 (Tuesday - 0572L) Grand/1WP/Dice/X/10C/Squeeze
4/10/2024 (Wednesday - 0573L) Push/Safe/Money/Punch/Math/Hole
4/11/2024 (Thursday - 0574L) Bar/Cover/Seat/DP/Balance/A#
4/12/2024 (Friday - 0575L) The sun shines, but will you?

And here are the 3rd shows believed to have taped that same day (2/6/2024):
3/7/2024 (Thursday - 0524L) Flip/Half/Card/S?/PaP/Tempt
3/8/2024 (Friday - 0525L) Bonus/1RP/L7/Penny/Grid/PaN


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