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Re: Pricing Game One-Offs
« Reply #15 on: May 20, 2024, 11:05:22 AM »
That could be doable; for example, if the eight cards going around were 21, 235, 19, 229, 20, 257, 18, and 247, then the eight possible prices would be $21235, $24721, $18247, $25718, $20257, $22920, $19229, and $23519.  That would actually be pretty hard with those numbers--like 5 Price Tags but with 8 possibilities and only one choice.  It could be eased up with some more obviously wrong ones or a greater spread.

I feel like with eight possible choices, and them all being fairly close to each other (unless you have some very obvious incorrect amounts), it might be better to use it for Dream Car Week for a six digit car.
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Re: Pricing Game One-Offs
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Punch a Bunch, but once a slip is revealed, if the contestant has additional punched holes not revealed yet, have a 3rd option to “gamble.”  If the “gamble” option is selected, the next hole punched is revealed: if it matches the 1st slip in dollar amount, the initial slip is multiplied by 10, and the contestant is given the option whether to gamble again, keep the money, or give both back and move on to the next hole.  If it doesn’t match, the contestant earns nothing.  (If there are additional punches earned, the contestant automatically moves on to the next hole.  If they gambled and lost on their last hole punched, they lose the game.)
Aside from (in my opinion) making the game unnecessarily complicated, even for a one-off, there is the question of whether the highest value on the board (whatever that would be) would have multiple slips or the standard one.

In either scenario, however, the gamble has the potential to create bad television -- as one example, imagine a contestant gambles and the next hole contains a (or the) largest-value slip.
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Re: Pricing Game One-Offs
« Reply #17 on: May 21, 2024, 09:46:51 AM »
Despite posting here four times, I neglected to make mention to what I'd do for Punch A Bunch in terms of gimmicks.  To be brief, I would have a couple slips that say "Freebee" or something similar, where, if found, a contestant gets to play the remainder of the game without risk.  So after it's over, they get to choose which amount they want to walk away with.

While I stand by my opinion on the extra in Switcheroo, I never got to explaining how something like this could work permanently.  There isn't much time to offer another prize in addition to the car (especially when you factor in the revelation of the PG).  However, there aren't any details for a cash prize as there are with another prize.  To be clear, George has to explain things related trip (length of stay, hotel accommodations, etc) or appliances (brand, what they're good for, & so on).

Something I'd like to see added into the daytime show would be a cash prize in lieu of another prize.  That's in addition to the car.  Maybe make the cash bonus equal to the total amount of the 4 small prizes times 10 (or times 50 or 100).

Might be too much work, but I would not be opposed to it, as it would be much better IMO than what the show did on 05/20.
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